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WordPress Best Security Practices

According to a recent report, 19% of the websites online
are using wordpress which means i in 5 websites run WordPress.
This makes wordpress a big target for hackers and spammers.

To avoid or reduce attack on your wordpress site , avoid the following

Adminsitrator ,Admin, root , manager , debug , user , system, default ,
guest, test , siteadmin……
Avoid Using Personal Information like Dob (ken1975 :()
No pet name, car regos family names or club names.
Instead use a random 16 character password.
Random character will be difficult for hackers to guess.
Use a password service such as Lastpass
local 256-bit encryption,SSL data transfer.

Malware can be hidden in Themes, plugin and other server scripts.
Get a malware like sucuri which can detects and clean malware on servers.

Avoid “FREE” themes like a plague. Many hackers and spammer use this idea to
hide dangerous link especially inside the footer area.
Don’t use themes and pl